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Fractal Analytics

Create personalized and contextual shopping experiences

Mobius empowers retailers and e-commerce players
deliver personalized content, promotions and
recommendations to customers on mobile devices.  

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How Mobius Helps

Competitive Campaigns

Create competitive campaigns and win your customers. Send attractive offers or promotions to users when they are near your store or just about to enter your competitors'.

Personalized Search

Empower your mobile app with highly personalized and relevant search results. Enable better search results by combining user's search history, social media inferred interests and richly semantified product catalogs.

Personalized Recommendations

Create recommendations that convert better. Power your mobile apps with highly relevant product recommendations combining user's interaction history, situational contexts and inferred interests from social profiles.

Mobile SDK

Powerful software development kit easily integrates into mobile apps and delivers personalized user experiences.

Online Console

Easy to use online console creates powerful workflows around personalized content, recommendations or promotions.

Easy Integration

Powerful set of APIs enable quick integration of Mobius into mobile apps and servers.